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• 2021 •

The NoBS have returned to the stage and we are releasing a new Live Double CD album in 2021... This recording was made at the Brewery, in Davis, California, on January 16 & 17, 1981. It's a double album that will live on in infamy and in its dedication to the Nob Mob that was there that night and has grown around the world since then. The double CD, "the NoBS • LiVE • 1981," will be pre-released on January 16th, 2021, marking the 40th anniversary of its recording... In 2019, we retook the stage, first at the magical Pappy & Harriet's, in Pioneertown, California, and when the stages around the world are ready to spin the mystic of the American River of Music -- we will be there!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout the years, made our 1981 single, "Fever/Fire & Mystic Eyes," a hit across the USA and who are clamoring for more... 

• 1981 •

BAM – The California Music Magazine

Billy Burnette/the NoBS

UC Davis Coffee House , November 19th, 1981


"The show was opened by the NoBS, a band whose aggressive blues-grounded approach touches base with so many other styles (soul, R&B, rockabilly, etc.) that the best thing to call their music is what they call it “blue wave”...

The Nobs consists of powerhouse drummer Mike Harney and three Parkers -Scott, Brad, Dave – who in concert continually exchange guitar, bass and lead singing duties, locking into a sinewy, enticing attack.  This is a band sufficiently taut and talented to acquit itself superbly on everything from Elmore James’ “Shake Your Moneymaker” to the ‘60s hit by Them, “Mystic Eyes” to snippets of The Who’s “My Generation” and “Magic Bus”.  Which isn’t to suggest that the NoBS is merely an exceptional cover band.  In fact, most of the group’s original material is strong, deftly arranged and downright irresistible, whether they are giving it to you onstage or on the soaring debut single, “Fever/Fire”. the NoBS have tremendous horsepower and virtually unlimited potential.  Keep an ear out for “blue wave”.  

---Duncan Strauss

- Scott Parker: Guitar, Bass,
         Vocals, Harmonica
- Brad Parker: Guitar, Bass,                         Vocals
- David Parker: Guitar, Bass,                       Vocals
- Mike Harney: Drums
the NoBS~1981

Come one, come all, to the show, to the celebration of American music, to the Blues, the Rhythm and Blues, to the Soul Revival, to the Rock and Roll Circus, to the Living Legacy, to No BS… We are a brotherhood, literally and metaphorically. We were born on the River and travelled the highways and byways of our country. This recording is “live” and wabi sabi in the truest tradition. It is rough and raw, played with passion and precision, performed hundreds of times in front of thousands of music lovers. The music presented here is a homage to the originators, the creators of our greatest American art form. At the time of this recording the Discos were closing and the “hair bands”, the punk bands, and the countless cover bands were dominating the live music scene. Although these groups were adding to the musical progression of popular music, they were not connected to the legacy or our musical traditions. To connect to that tradition we had to revive the songs and styles that built our popular music; music created by the struggle of the black and minority communities. Nothing less than the heart and soul of our musical heritage was our goal. From the earliest field hollers to the most sophisticated styles of jazz, we sought to give our audiences the gifts of our great American heritage… So come with us, inside a packed venue, to experience the Show, the Sound, the Joy of an American musical feast…

~ Scott Parker, 2020

Based in California
Founded in 1980
Genre: #Rock #Blues
               #Punk #Soul
Label: Riozen Media
the NoBS Jukebox

the NoBS 2021 Calendar

January 16 ~

"the NoBS • Live • 1981" CD Pre-release

February 14 ~

"the NoBS • Live • 1981" CD Release

stay tuned... when the planet opens up again... so will The NoBS...

the NoBS LiVE 1981

the NoBS LiVE 1981

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