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Our Story

As the producer of the album, No Solution, I tried to visually represent the journey or arc of the album recorded in the Black Lab of Fairfield CA.  In the previous album, The NoBS Live 1981, a palette of black and white was used to imbue the atmosphere of a bar or night club. In the studio album, No Solution, we wanted the effect of pure daylight and bright Southwestern colors that reflect the culture of this land.  The cover was shot in Mecca California, a small farming community next to the Salton Sea; the 59 Corvette represents the teen spirit that arrived from Albuquerque NM and Dallas TX along Route 66 in the 60s as brothers traveled by car with all their worldly possessions to the promised land of California. The colors of turquoise and Cherokee red represent the First People and the graffiti represents the Hispanic culture that so influenced the NoBS music.  So, let us go then you and I on this journey from teen spirit to the end of the world.  

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